In 2009, rather than open a store prided on size and mired in unorganized mountains of ordinary wine, we opened a family-owned store based on a revolutionary new concept in shopping for wine - flavor categories!

Grapes Wine Market has its peerless wine selection grouped into simple flavor categories, offering you an opportunity to explore the world of wine with confidence. Each of nine different flavor categories has its own section in our store, and each flavor category contains a selection of wines that share basic similarities, making it easier to pair food and wine and find wines you will love! Here's what we mean...

Perhaps you enjoy California Sauvignon Blanc, and fish is on the menu at home tonight, but you have the desire to try other types of brisk whites? Try a zesty Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, a wild Vermentino or a shimmering Vinho Verde - you'll find them all in our "Crisp" flavor category section.

Maybe you're a fan of Cabernet Sauvignon, and red meat is on the menu tonight, but you've developed a drive to explore other types of big reds? Try an assertive Monastrell from the Jumilla region of Spain, a structured Barolo or a stunning California old-vine Zinfandel - you'll find them all in our 'Bold' flavor category section.

You see, at Grapes Wine Market we've taken the labor out of shopping for wine and put the ease and fun back in. All of us at Grapes Wine Market invite you to stop by and check us out. We are confident you'll love our store and enjoy our top-notch selection of fine wine, craft beer and premium spirits.

Sweet Fragrant, luscious and syrupy. Boasting an array of complex flavors.
Ripe, luscious and accessible. Packed with bright fruit flavors.
Intense, strong and satisfying. A reputation for audacious flavors.
Spicy, earthy and supple, offering soft textured fruit flavors.
Fruity, pleasantly dry and thirst-quenching, light body, refreshing finish.
Floral, honeyed and accented by soft acidity.
Creamy, full-flavored and luxurious. Rich fruit aromas, oak and silky texture.
Bold, succulent and refreshing. Bursting with red fruit flavors.
Yeasty, mouthwatering, light effervescence.


Do you enjoy pairing wine with your meals?

If so, our store's concept is right up your alley! By separating our wine selection into nine distinct flavor categories we've made wine and food pairing a breeze. Having vegetarian, sushi or grilled fish? Just grab a bottle from our 'Crisp' section and head home for a great meal. Are you grilling steaks tonight? Snag a bottle from our 'Bold' section and you're ready to go.  It's that easy.
Do you value a wine merchant with true expertise and the ability to give sound advice? Our experienced staff can easily guide you from your current favorites toward new and exciting gems. Our owner has over 25 years in the wine business as both a distributor, sales manager and retail shop owner. Two staff members hold wine certification credentials from the Court of Master Sommeliers.  We all have a strong knowledge of wines, craft beers and spirits, and each of us can expertly aid you in pairing your next meal with the perfect wine. We have the expertise, experience and enthusiasm you can rely on!
Do you enjoy perusing wine ratings before making your selections?
We've got detailed, accurate and up-to-date wine ratings from the most respected wine publications in the business, and they're conveniently posted right next to hundreds of our wine selections. No filler here!
Do you value locally-made products?
We have a great selection of locally-produced spirits, a nice selection of Colorado wines and over three full cooler doors of fabulous local craft beers. We love Colorado, and we love the premium potent potables made in our state, too!
Do you seek out organic products?
We have greatly increased our selection of organic wines and spirits in response to customer requests.  We take pride in seeking out and offering tasty and unusual organic wines and spirits that you won't find at other merchants, as well as learning the stories behind many of the organic producers whose products we offer. We also have a selection of certified vegan wines and non-GMO wines.

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